Colnago V3Rs

Das Colnago V3Rs wurde mit einem Ziel entwickelt: Gewinnen. Colnago hat einen Monocoque-Rahmen entwickelt, der all Ihre Träume erfüllt. Jedes Detail wurde angeschaut, um maximale Leistunge und Komfort zu erzielen.
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V3Rs – A bike designed to win

A bike designed with just one objective in mind: winning. The V3Rs won 2020 and 2021 Tour de France, 2 monuments and almost 100 hundreds victories.

Technical Details

The fork: Completely new and redesigned, the V3Rs fork is much lighter compared to that of the V2-r. Its raw weight (uncut) corresponds to 390 grams, TFS integrated steerer thread included. In a 50s size, which we can consider an average size, the cut fork can weigh just 340 grams. The new shape with concave sheaths in the upper part (front view) optimizes the wheel passage allowing the use of wide tyres (28c), along with comfort and lateral rigidity.

The design: While retaining some details from the two frames that preceded it, V1-r and V2-r, the V3Rs design has profoundly changed to align with some standards that have been consolidated in recent years, not least the possibility of mounting larger tyres – up to 28 inches. It’s extremely clean and boasts excellent aerodynamic qualities together with an unprecedented lightness. V3Rs is available in eight sizes from 42s through to 58s and in two versions, direct mount rim brakes and disc brakes

Geometry: To reach a new weight target of 790 grams we used a new type of carbon fibre that allowed Colnago to significantly increase the rigidity to lateral flexions. The new V3Rs has a 12% higher rigidity in the rear compartment

Size Table

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